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The LDB-1e Analog Drums Eurorack Module


The LDB-1e Analog Drums Module and the LDB-1x Expansion Module have been replaced by the new LDB-2e and LDB-2x Modules.

If you need an LDB-1x expansion module, Analogue Haven has them in stock.

The LDB-1e “Little Drummer Boy” analog drums eurorack module is very compact.
Just eight trigger inputs and one audio output in a 4 HP wide module.

The module uses totally analog circuitry, not samples. Our goal was to recreate the warm sounds of the classic analog drum machines of the 80's, like the Roland TR-606 and TR-808. The circuitry of the LDB-1e uses the same principals as the classics and produces a very similar sound.


  • Eight Analog Drum Sounds
  • Eight voice polyphony
    All drums can be played simultaneously, including
    open and closed hi-hat for a super punchy cymbal
  • Connect it to any sequencer or clock source
  • Built-in gate to trigger converter means that a 5 volt signal of any shape or duty cycle will trigger the drums
  • 4HP wide, 61mm deep
  • The LDB-1x Expansion Module provides:
    • Separate output jack and volume control for each drum
    • A summed output (post individual volumes) with its own volume control
    • Note that the open and closed hi-hat are the same instrument, so they have only one output/volume.




Power Requirements

The current draw is 15mA on +/- 12V, and 1.7mA on +5V.

The LDB-1e requires +5V from your power bus. If your power bus does not supply +5V, you can add the capability with a third-party module like the the Doepfer A-100AD5, the Kilpatrick Audio Konverter, or the Erthenvar Freelunch.
The LDB-1e requires a 16-pin power cable (which is included), not a 10-pin cable.

If you are hearing no sounds, or if you are hearing strange squeals instead of drums, then the module is not getting the +5V that it needs. Some power busses supply +5V on all power jacks, all the time. However, sometimes, that is not the case. Some power busses require you to set a jumper to enable the +5V. Some cases (Monorocket for example) only supply the +5V on the top power bus, and not on the bottom one. Doepfer power busses have wires with friction fit connectors that run from the power supply to the busboard, and the +5V wire is often not connected. If you have a voltmeter, you can test the pins on your power bus and verify whether or not they are supplying 5V.


Eurorack Module versus Drum Machine

What' the difference? The LDB-1e Eurorack Module contains just the drum sounds waiting to be triggered by any clock, LFO, or sequencer in your rack. The LDB-1 Drum Machine is a complete, stand-alone drum machine that includes the analog drum sounds as well as a sequencer, pattern memory, and lots of connectivity options.