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Module Construction Set Panel Maker

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This page is for creating control panels out of printed circuit boards (PCBs) for use with Delptronics Module Construction Set modules. When you are finished designing your panel, click the "Download Gerbers" button to download zipped Gerber files ready to send to a PCB manufacturer.

Ordering PCBs

We use ALLPCB and PCBWay for fast, cheap, quality PCBs.

Panel height is 128.5mm. Panel Widths: 10 HP = 50.5 mm, 8 HP = 40.4 mm, 4 HP = 20.1 mm.

Single sided PCBs are usually cheaper, so be sure to select that option.

Panels do not look like normal circuit boards to a PCB manufacturer. There are no circuit traces, for one thing. To avoid confusion and unnecessary delay, it is a good idea to add a note to the order describing the panel. Depending on which layers are used on a particular panel, some possible notes are: "This is a control panel." "There is no copper layer." "There is text in the copper layer, and no silk screen layer." "There is text in both the copper layer and the silk screen layer."

Most PCB manufacturers print the order number on the PCB. Some will leave it off if asked "Please do not print order number on the board." Some manufactures will charge extra to omit the number. Others will not omit the number, but will print it on the bottom side if asked.


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