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Module Construction Set

The Delptronics Module Construction Set makes building DIY Eurorack modules easy! With the Construction Set, a module consists of two circuit boards connected together by male and female headers. No more flying wires to connect panel parts to your protoboard, and no L-brackets needed.

The Module Construction Set is not a kit. It is for DIY module builders who can read a schematic and build a circuit on a breadboard or protoboard. The circuit boards used by the Module Construction Set are laid out the same as a breadboard. They are not stripboards.

Each set comes with a control board, a component board, a blank panel, the headers to connect the two boards, and a power header.

There is even a Panel Maker web app for making panels out of PCBs - with no circuit board design experience needed!


Module Construction Set
PCBs, Panel, and Headers

4HP/$16  8HP/$20  10HP/$24

Also available in any quantity, and along with all the other parts you could need from:
Thonk (UK)
Modular Addict


Detail of control board showing how a pot, button, or switch can fit in any grid position.

Control Board

  • 8 HP and 10 HP boards
    • A flexible grid layout that can accommodate up to eight controls
    • Room for two additional pushbuttons, and two LEDs
    • Up to eight jacks
  • 4 HP Control Board
    • Accommodates up to four controls
    • Room for an additional pushbutton or switch
    • Up to four jacks

Component Board

  • A familiar layout similar to a protoboard or solderless breadboard
  • A Eurorack power header - prewired to the power rails
  • Reverse power protection diodes
  • Power supply filtering capacitors.
  • Space for a voltage regulator (if your circuit needs 5V or 3.3V)
  • Mounting holes for optionally securing the board to the control board with an 11mm spacer

Note that the 10 and 8 HP control boards are connected parallel to their corresponding component board, while the 4 HP control board is connected perpendicular to a 10 or 8 HP component board.

Blank Panels

  • Plain aluminum on the front
  • Drill template on the back with markings for MCS controls
  • Pre-drilled rack mounting holes
  • The front of the panel can be left blank, covered with a sticker, engraved, or written on with sharpie
  • Gets your module in the rack fast! For a more polished look later, make custom drilled and printed panels with the MCS Panel Maker


8HP vs 10 HP

The 8 HP and 10 HP control boards have spaces for the same number and type of parts, just spread out more. The main difference is that the 10 HP component board is easier to work with. The 10 HP design emerged from comments from students using the MCS in classes. Some students found the 8 HP boards a bit cramped.

The 8 HP component board has the V+ and V- power rails running down the center. That makes it a bit harder to connect power to chips and other parts. The 10 HP component board has the power rails along the edges for easier wiring. That also creates an extra pad for each column in the center of the board. You can even shift a chip to the right or left one column if it has more connections on one side.

Another difference is that the 10 HP component board has two pads for each component connection. That can often make laying out a circuit easier.


Control Panel Parts

Switches: Standard sub-mini toggle switches, with 2.54mm / 0.1" pin spacing
Buttons: Standard 6x6mm tactile switches, 14 mm or higher
Pots: Alpha style potentiometers, must be raised style (10mm high)
Jacks: WQP-PJ301M12 / Thonkiconn or clones