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Theremorph Configurator

ParameterPitch ModeControl Mode
Midi Receive Channel same
MIDI Send Channel
CC Number
CC Bits 7 Bits  14 Bits 7 Bits  14 Bits
NRPN Number

Download Firmware MIDI File


Firmware Update Instructions

  1. Connect a MIDI interface or USB to MIDI cable to your computer.
  2. Connect your Theremorph to the interface/cable output.
  3. Turn on your Theremorph while holding down both the firmware update button (on the bottom of the circuit board).
  4. The update LED (next to the update button) will illuminate.
  5. Release the update button.
  6. Next:
    1. Click the update "Start" button above.
    2. OR, download the update file, open it in a MIDI player, and click play.
  7. The update LED will flicker while the update is happening.
  8. When the update has successfully completed, the update LED will go dark.
  9. Turn off your Theremorph. The next time you power it on, you will be using the new firmware.



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