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LDB-1se Analog Drum Machine Firmware Update


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Offline Update

Download Firmware MIDI File


Web Update



  1. Connect a MIDI interface or USB to MIDI cable to your computer.
  2. Connect your LDB-1se to the interface/cable output.
  3. Turn on your LDB-1se while holding down both the Play and Row buttons.
  4. You will see both Row LEDs illuminated.
    1. Click the "Start" button on this webpage.
    2. OR, download the update file, open it in a MIDI player, and click play.
  5. The step LEDs will illuminate one at a time to indicate the update progress.
  6. When the update has successfully completed, both Row LEDs will again be illuminated.
  7. Turn off your LDB-1se. The next time you power it on, you will be using the new firmware.


What is my firmware version?

Enter Config Edit mode (hold the Mode button, then press Number button 8, then release all buttons). Before you select a Config page, the Step LEDs will indicate your firmware version number.
For example: If you have V1.04, then LED 4 will flicker. If you have V1.18, then LEDs 2 and 16 will flicker.